Choose the right bathroom vanity to change your everyday routine

Bathroom vanities are the unsung heroes of our mornings and nights. Although you might assume that it is just an area to keep your toothpaste in and to conceal plumbing, this furniture piece has so much to offer. Now, let’s take a look at the exciting, yes, exciting, world of Bathroom Vanities.

Let’s start with the material. OMG, where to begin? Wood is a classic that will always make you want to wash your hands. Next, there is marble. Sounds fancy. When you are brushing teeth with something as posh, it makes you feel like royalty. I won’t mention glass vanities, which are like having the futuristic spaceship of your dreams in your bathroom.

Not only do these bad boys make you look good, they also feel great. Imagine yourself in the morning. You stumble to the bathroom half asleep. What would you prefer to see when entering the bathroom? Are you looking for a mess of clutter or an organized vanity, where all things have their proper place? So did I.

Options are endless when it come to style. It’s like having floating shelves under your sink. It’s easy to maintain the flooring since there is no place for dustbunnies or other debris to hide. You can also find freestanding models that are more traditional in style but have tons of storage – perfect for those who hoard.

Now colors and hardware have the power to change things. Imagine adding some vivid handles or knobs onto a sleek black vanity and bam! The style of the vanity is instantly upgraded without costing a fortune.

Innovative design has also been on the rise. What about sinks that become part of your countertop? There are sinks that look like countertops. Are there lights that can be turned on just by touching? Hello, futuristic life!

The next step is to choose the one you like best. Choose a piece with funky knobs, which reminds you those vintage finds you found at the flea market in summer. Or perhaps a shelf that allows you to proudly display dozens of different hand soaps.

The best vanity will fit seamlessly into your everyday life, while also helping you to look better (or make getting ready easier).

You’ll find something you will love, regardless of whether minimalism is your thing or if art works are what you prefer.

While choosing a bathroom vanities might be a minor decision in comparison to some other major life choices, like what Netflix show you will binge watch next (or how to organize your day), it is actually the one thing that can make your routine go from boring to exciting.

You can make a big statement while keeping your peace. If you choose carefully, or if your avocado-green vanity is no longer appealing to you, don’t fret. Our only tools are our cleverness and some passwords. Be safe while exploring the wild west that is the web.